Guide for Homeowners

Your home is the place where you and your family carry out the mechanics of daily life including all the essential rituals of cooking, sleeping and eating. The spaces that you use influence these patterns and must also provide for work, play and recreation.

Embarking on fundamental changes to your home in order to enhance the way you inhabit it, can raise many questions regarding the processes involved. Our services can guide you through them by addressing such issues as timing, consents required, and costs.

As a family-friendly practice with many years experience of homeowner clients, we appreciate how a house requires to be developed in a natural way and all that such change involves, both practically and emotionally.

Whether this is your first building project or tenth, we listen to your requirements and assess the feasibility of your ideas, while outlining the possibilities and constraints. By working closely with you the resulting spaces will enhance the enjoyment of your home.

Download our guide to the different consents involved
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